Due diligence and design for energy projects
Understanding the risks and mitigation measures associated with the energy industry is vital for project developers.

The scope of a due diligence review is ensuring that a projected investment does not carry financial, legal, or environmental liabilities beyond those priory defined.

eco2ro can assist project developers interested in renewable or energy efficiency improvement projects, at any stage from greenfield, partly developed and operating renewable sites, by carrying out technical, environmental, financial and legal due diligence assessment.

• Technical assessment: Appraise the initial capacity of the project decided emplacement and evaluate the final energy production
• Technical design: including conceptual suitable design and layout for the application, site investigation, assessing the required equipment quality standards and performance
• Economical & Financial assessment: Including review of project economics, possible sources of financing, key value drivers, sensitivities, and areas of risk and forecast revenue
• Permitting: support the project developers all-along the permitting procedures, according to in-force legal regulations
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